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eco Bailers for Sampling Groundwater

eco Bailers for sampling groundwater have been a reliable part of monitoring well programs around the world for over 20 years.

Bailers are a very simple, inexpensive device used to collect groundwater samples from piezometers and monitoring wells. They are simply a tube with a bottom valve that is attached to a retrieving line or cord and allowed to drop into the water column to the desired depth. When the desired depth is attained, the ball in the tube seats thereby trapping the water in the tube. Recover the bailer and trapped water using the retrieving line or cord.

All bailers are PFAS, PFOS & PFOA free.

There are 4 classes of eco Bailers to choose from as listed below:

Clear PVC &
Clear PVC - PRO
(wide mouth)
Regular or weighted to sink faster
Polyethylene PRO
(wide mouth)
Regular or Weighted to sink faster
Double Valve
Clear PVC
Groundwater Interval Sampler
Hydrocarbon Recovery
Clear PVC
LNAPLs only