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Groundwater Filter – 0.45 Micron


Groundwater Filter 0.45 micron PFAS, PFOS & PFOA free

Individual, 10 pack, 50 pack or 100 pack options

600 cm2 x 0.45u – FHT high turbidity filter

  • 600 cm² polyethersulfone PES 0.45 micron filter media

300 cm2 x 0.45u – FMT medium turbidity filter

  • 300 cm² polyethersulfone PES 0.45 micron filter media
  •  for lower turbidity situations
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At ETP, we understand that water quality analysis is critical, and precision is the key to success. That’s why we proudly introduce Waterra Groundwater Filters to our esteemed clientele. These filters, crafted with utmost precision in the advanced clean room facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, are your premier choice for precise metals analysis. We believe in offering you nothing but the best, and Waterra filters stand out for several compelling reasons:

Ultra-Clean 0.45 Micron Filtration for Metals Analysis Waterra Groundwater Filters are purpose-built to ensure precise metals analysis in groundwater monitoring programs. They excel at removing suspended particulates from groundwater samples, providing you with the confidence to determine dissolved metal content accurately.

Simplicity and Efficiency At ETP, we prioritize ease of use. With Waterra filters, the filtration process is simplified. Just plug the filter into your pump tubing or bailer, run the water through the inline disposable filter, and collect the flow in a sample vial. It’s a straightforward and efficient process! Waterra’s rigorous testing protocols ensure that all filters are non-detect for 33 different metals, assuring the utmost accuracy in your analysis.

High-Quality Construction We believe in offering you products that withstand the test of time. Waterra filters feature a polyethersulfone filter media, a polyethylene body, and a polypropylene media support – all meticulously selected for their quality and reliability. These filters exhibit excellent particle retention above the target micron size range, ensuring consistent results, even with highly turbid samples.

Built-In Convenience We understand the importance of seamless operation. That’s why Waterra filters come with a built-in compound 3/8” threaded nipple and ½” barbed inlet, making setup a breeze. Additionally, they are PFAS, PFOS, and PFOA free, ensuring the purity of your samples.

Field-Proven Worldwide Waterra Filters have gained the trust of professionals across the globe. They are compatible with pumps, and eco bailers making them the go-to choice for groundwater analysis projects worldwide.

Certified Quality At ETP, we prioritize quality assurance. Our groundwater filter manufacturing facility complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards, adhering to stringent cleanliness protocols and quality standards to deliver the finest filters in the industry.

Tailored Solutions We offer you the flexibility to choose your ideal filter, selecting the pore size and filter capacity that align with your specific requirements. Whether you need medium capacity (300 cm²) or high capacity (600 cm²), Waterra has you covered.

Rinse Clean for Optimal Performance Our commitment to purity is unwavering. Each Waterra filter undergoes pre-rinsing with one liter of de-ionized water and is certified to rinse clean. Independent ICP/MS analysis confirms the highest level of purity.

In the world of water filtration, not all filters are created equal. When faced with high turbidity challenges, our Waterra Groundwater Filters, boasting 600 cm² of media, outshine the competition. Some may claim high capacity, but they often contain less than 60% of the same filter media.

Choose the intelligent solution for your groundwater analysis – choose Waterra Groundwater Filters. Precision, reliability, and quality you can rely on. Purchase now and experience the excellence that only ETP can deliver.

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Individual, 10 Pack, 50 Pack, 100 Pack

Filter Area

300 cm2, 600 cm2