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Double Valve Clear Eco Bailer: Groundwater Interval Sampler

A Double valve eco Bailer is designed to drop down the water column in a monitoring well allowing water to pass through. At the designated depth, the bailer’s downward descent is stopped and the bailer is then smoothly recovered to surface. But because there is both an upper valve and a lower valve, the water trapped between the valves is water from the interval in which the descent of the bailer was stopped. The valves prevent the “trapped” water from mixing with other water on the way out of the well.

All bailers are PFAS, PFOS & PFOA free.

Bottom Emptying

Double Valve eco Bailers come with the handy  Emptying Device which can also be used to direct the discharge flow and also for collecting VOC samples.

Groundwater Filtration

A Double Valve eco Bailer is easily fitted to Waterra 0.45 micron Groundwater Filters.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) tubing (1/4inch OD or 1/2 inch OD)  fits into the Bottom Emptying Device and connect with a Waterra Groundwater Filter. Bailed samples can be gravity flowed directly through the filter and captured in a sample container.  It usually takes less than 2 minutes (depending on turbidity)  to filter a sample this way.

Some things to think about!

  • Select either a 1 foot, 3 foot or 4 foot Double Valve ecoBailer to match your program
  • Use a smooth hand over hand technique to minimize sample agitation when recovering your sample from the well
  • We don’t recommend tipping over the bailer to decant your sample from the top of the bailer as it aerates the sample and is tricky to handle the bailer. Use eco Bailer Bottom Emptying Device to direct the bailer flow.
  • ecoBailers and Waterra Groundwater Filters work well together


A Clear PVC Double Valve eco Bailer is used for sampling groundwater are as heavy (or heavier) than conventional weighted bailers.  They sink straighter and the efficient valve design makes it the fastest sinking bailer available.

  • faster sinking than polyethylene bailers
  • inspect your sample through the clear tube
  • fits with Waterra inline filters
  • no leak PVC ball

Clear virgin PVC has a density of 1.31 grams per cubic centimeter (cc) versus polyethylene, which has a specific gravity of 0.96 to 0.98 grams per cc.


1.5 inch (38mm) OD1.5 inch (38mm) OD1.5 inch (38mm) OD
1 foot (25cm)3 feet (76cm)4 feet (102cm)
345 ml1025 ml1365 ml
24 per case24 per case24 per case